16 Exotic and Inspiring Asian Bathroom Designs

Asian interior decoration is indeed so exotic and inspiring. In general there is actually only a little bit different between Asian style and rustic western style. Both commonly use natural materials as the main idea like woods, bamboo, and stones. Besides, the similarity between two are actually regarding the fact that both generate from traditional concept.

exotic asian bathroom designs
exotic Asian bathroom designs

But then, what are the main characteristics so that such interior designs can be said as Asian? It is also by remembering that the term Asian is actually quite large. It is not only about China or Japan. You may also mention India, Korean, Indonesia, Malaysia, and even Middle East. In this page anyway, we will talk about Asian bathroom designs in narrower view. Well, the bathroom designs mentioned and discussed here are only those inspired by the typical interior of eastern and southeastern Asian. For the remaining, you may wait for other articles later.

modern japanese bathroom designs for apartment
modern Japanese bathroom designs for apartment

Asian Bathroom Designs with Natural Materials

Such natural materials like woods, bamboo, and stone, as it has been mentioned above, are really common for any traditional interior. What makes Asian ones are different from other cultures are surely about cutting and details. If you notice well, the use of sunshade in the form of thin wood or bamboo lines is really common here. The sunshade is even not only used for protecting the room from the sunshine in nature. Even if the bathroom may not face the sun directly, it is still so stunning to be applied as only ornaments. Besides, woods are also good for the tiles. How about the stones? Simply, it can be used as wall or wall decoration. Grey stone is more recommended here as it simply reminds us to the stone peaks and mountains on the Chinese paintings.

asian style bathroom designs with jacuzzi
Asian style bathroom designs with Jacuzzi

Spring Water Idea

One thing which is commonly advertised by Asian tourism is maybe about spring water and also spa. Well, I just easily see it as a very comfortable and relaxing activity. If you are the lovers of Japanese manga or Korean drama, we will often see they way Asian people refresh their own mind. Meanwhile, when you travel to the southeast Asia, you can find that Bali spa is so damn interesting and popular. So, why don’t you adapt those ideas for your own bathroom. Of course, bathtub can be used here. But if you want to have more sensation of spring water or spa, you can also put Jacuzzi.

contemporary Asian bathroom designs spring water idea
contemporary Asian bathroom designs spring water idea

Dimly Light

It is not a must actually. But if you want to deepen the exoticism over your Asian bathroom, it seems the application of dimly light can be chosen. Undeniably, when such lighting is blended with wooden wall or floor, it is just so much beautiful. It is even not bad to have some candles inside. However, dimly light doesn’t mean dark. The philosophy of yin and yang seems better be applied here. While using such dimly light make sure that there is a part of the bathroom which is in light color. It can be one side of the wall or the ceiling.

contemporary oriental bathroom designs with furniture
contemporary oriental bathroom designs with furniture


Natural-touch over bathrooms is a way to make you feel more refreshing while doing activities inside. It is not bad then to put on any natural stuff like plants inside. To make your bathroom look more Asian, bamboo trees, Sakura, or maybe bonsai can be chosen. Well, if you prefer the nuance of tropical, palm or banana trees can also be a good alternative.

bali style bathroom designs with plants
Bali style bathroom designs with plants

So, here are other examples of exotic Asian Bathroom designs for you.

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